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Dahua IMOU HR12G AC1200 5G Wireless Router

Dahua IMOU HR12G AC1200 5G Wireless Router
Dahua IMOU HR12G AC1200 5G Wireless Router
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  • Product Code: 6774
  • Brand: Dahua
  • Model: HR12G
Key Features:
  • Speed: (300+867Mbps) AC1200
  • Antennas: 4 External 5dBi Antennas
  • Support: “Imou-Link” Mesh
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Ex Tax: 2,750৳
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Router Features
Data Rate 2.4GHz:300Mbps, 5GHz:867Mbps
Power Power adapter: 12V~1A
Antenna Wi-Fi Antennas 4 external 5dBi Antennas
Frequency 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Others Operating Temperature: -5℃ ~ +45℃
Operating Voltage: 180V-220V
Dimensions: 188×120×26mm
Weight: 313g (69lbs)
Color: White
Warranty Information
Warranty 01-year

Dahua IMOU HR12G Wireless Router

Experience lightning-fast Wi-Fi speeds, robust connectivity, and advanced features with the IMOU HR12G AC1200 Wireless Router. Designed to meet the demands of modern households and small businesses, this router offers dual-band Wi-Fi technology with speeds up to  AC1200 (300+867Mbps), ensuring seamless performance for all your online activities. Discover the amazing features and benefits of the IMOU HR12G and revolutionize your internet experience today.

Dahua IMOU HR12G Wireless Router

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Enjoy dual-band Wi-Fi technology with speeds up to AC1200 (300+867Mbps), allowing you to stream HD videos, play online games, and download large files with ease.
  •    Four External Antennas: Equipped with four external 5dBi antennas, the HR12G provides enhanced coverage and signal strength throughout your home or office, ensuring reliable connectivity in every corner.
  •  Gigabit Ethernet Ports: Connect your devices seamlessly with one Gigabit WAN port and three Gigabit LAN ports, offering ultra-fast wired connections for computers, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.
  •  Support for Imou Camera Wi-Fi Auto-sync: Seamlessly integrate your Imou cameras with theHR12G router, allowing for automatic Wi-Fi synchronization and hassle-free setup.
  •   Imou-Link Mesh Support: Create a seamless mesh network with other Imou devices, ensuring optimal coverage and performance throughout your home.
  •   Stream Accelerate: Optimize your streaming experience with Stream Accelerate technology, ensuring smooth playback and minimal buffering for your favorite movies and TV shows.
  •   IPv6 Support: Future-proof your network with support for the latest Internet Protocol version, ensuring compatibility with the latest internet services and technologies.
  •   IPTV Support: Enjoy uninterrupted IPTV streaming with dedicated support for IPTV services, ensuring high-quality video playback without interruptions.
  •   Parental Control: Take control of your network with built-in parental control features, allowing you to manage and monitor your children's internet usage.

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What is the price of Dahua IMOU HR12G AC1200 5G Wireless Router in Bangladesh?

The latest price of Dahua IMOU HR12G AC1200 5G Wireless Router in Bangladesh is 2,750৳ . You can buy the Dahua IMOU HR12G AC1200 5G Wireless Router at best price from our website or visit any of our showrooms. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates and offers.