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7th Gen

  • Core: 6, Thread: 4
  • LGA 2066 socket
  • Base Frequency: 2.90 GHz
  • Turbo Frequency Max.: 4.10 GHz
Ex Tax:25,300৳
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7th Gen Intel List Price in BD

Intel 7th Gen Processor price in bd 2023

Depending on the precise model and configuration you select, the cost of an Intel 7th generation processor in Bangladesh can change. Higher-end models frequently cost more than entry-level or mid-range alternatives because of their bigger cores and faster clock speeds. The price of this Intel 7th-generation CPU ranges from 8,000 to 40,000 BDT, or even more. If you have modest computing needs and are looking for a budget-friendly option, the 7th generation processor can still be a viable choice.

Intel 7th Gen Processor

The Intel 7th generation processor features improved clock speeds and architecture, resulting in enhanced overall performance and responsiveness. It offers a range of models with different core counts and clock speeds, allowing users to choose the processor that suits their requirements, from basic everyday tasks to more demanding applications. For everyday computing tasks, such as web browsing, document editing, and media playback, the Intel 7th generation processor delivers smooth performance and snappy responsiveness. It can handle multitasking well, allowing you to switch between applications seamlessly.

  • For gaming: the 7th generation processor provides decent performance for casual gaming and older titles. While it may not offer the same level of performance as the more recent generations, it can still handle many popular games at moderate settings.
  • Multimedia: The 7th Gen Processor supports hardware-accelerated 4K video playback, making it suitable for media consumption and content creation tasks. It offers improved video transcoding capabilities, enabling faster encoding and decoding of high-resolution videos.


What is the 7th Gen Intel price in Bangladesh 2024?

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